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Dr. Craig's Blog

Are You Liver Blood Deficient?

New Website and an Online Herb Store Coming Soon!

Hi all,
We are just about ready to launch our new website, online herb store, and a few new services we are extremely excited about!  Please check in to our same website name, www.tallahasseechinesemedicine.com in the coming weeks and let us know what you think :) 

Dr. Craig's blog will continue to post interesting articles, so keep watching for our posts!

Kind Regards,
Dr. Craig

Spring is the Ideal Time for The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse in Spring

The Master Cleanse has been around a while and is an easy cleanse to understand, yet cleansing/fasting can be challenging for most people. It’s basically a fasting plan, with nutrition provided by a combination of ingredients.  The Master Cleanse ingredients include organic, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, organic Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper, all mixed in specific proportions in clean, purified water. Spring is the season of the liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Master Cleanse focuses on the liver and it's detoxification abilities and function.

Chinese Medicine and Allergies/Sinusitis

Home Remedies For Acute Allergies/Sinusitis The following are home remedies for allergies/sinusitis that are acute.  In 
chronic cases, you need to handle the root of the problem, otherwise the problem 
will eventually return.  

• Use steam to drain the mucus. 
o Hot showers twice a day. Drink lots of warm water before and after the shower.

The Top 6 Digestion Destroyers

Most medical terms for digestive disorders are LIES - stop consuming these six digestion destroyers and watch your health revitalize!
by S.D. Wells

How much do you really know about the bacterial balance of your intestinal system? How much do you respect your gut flora balance? Could ignoring this knowledge be the MAIN reason you can't digest food properly? Yes, it could.MD's know little of this so don't ask them; you'll have to consult a Naturopath. Or maybe you could study Natural Health News reports and compiled research and come to your own conclusions.

Introducing; HeartMath Interventions

COMING SOON to Tallahassee Chinese Medicine and Community Acupuncture - Heart Math Interventions!!!

HeartMath brochure:
"Transform your Stress and Create Better Health and Resilience
Learn to reduce your stress and anxiety, develop self-regulation skills and build mental and emotional resilience.  You can increase your internal awareness and develop more self-empowerment skills to achieve the health you want."

Just like with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, when we are out of balance, we are out of health, HeartMath Institute's research and others confirm when we are stressed, we are out of sync.

A HEART of Gratitude

Your HEART thrives on emotions of Love, Gratitude, Appreciation, and Compassion.  It actually harmonizes with your other organs, synchronizing function and communication, reducing stress.  Your HEART is the foundation of a life of Thanksgiving, truly giving of self, without expecting return, yet often receiving it gladly.  We all must strive to have a HEART of gratitude for one another, our environment, our existence.  Tap into the energy you see and feel around you this holiday season, giving unconditionally, making it a habit ingrained in your being.

HeartMath - Coming soon to our clinic!!!

Follow the link to find out more about HeartMath Interventions.  Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Optimize Health and Focus, Increase Cognitive Ability and Coherence, Increase Performance.

Dandelion Root and Leaves - How to harvest and prepare.

Dandelion Root Tea or Extract and Cancer

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